2021 Placements

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HSBC/HKU (3rd)


June 2021

Hong Kong


Annabeth Lin, Ian Chang, Julia Li and Serah George represented the University of Toronto at the HSBC/HKU Asia Pacific Business Case Competition. Competing for the first time at the largest undergraduate case competition in the world, the team secured 3rd place amongst 28 international teams.

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JMUCC (3rd)


March 2021

Montreal, QC


A team consisting of Erin Jia, Jasmine Ali, Lewis Liu, and Serah George took home the 3rd place trophy at the largest international undergraduate case competition. Our team achieved the highest possible scores in all three divisional rounds, ultimately winning the highest rank RCCT has ever placed at JMUCC. 

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CBS (1st)


February 2021



Team DTW Consulting with Hannah Tang, Michael Dawes, Minyi Wang and Ryan Williams placed first at the Copenhagen Business School Global Case Competition. This year, almost 500 teams were challenged with helping IKEA improve their circular initiatives to help them become climate positive by 2030. 

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MBSC (1st)


February 2021

Washington, D.C.

Hannah Tang, Kelly Cao, Maria Diogenous, and Wadee Shahid placed first at the McDonough Business Strategy Challenge as Team Synergy Consulting. At this year's 17th annual MBSC, they had the opportunity to represent the University of Toronto as one of the 20 undergraduate teams that were invited from around the world. 

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ICBC (1st/2nd)


January 2021

Kingston, Ontario


We had four separate teams place inside the top 3 at the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition 2021 held in Kingston, Ontario. Richard Adashkevich, Hannah Tang, and Susanna Zhao finished in 1st place for the Business Policy Stream. Michael-Anthony Dawes and Serah George finished in 2nd place for the Ethics Stream. Lewis Liu and Ryan Williams finished in 2nd place for the Finance Stream. Lastly, Timothy-Paul Chevalier and Akshay Jain finished in 2nd place for the Management of Information Systems Stream

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FECC (2nd)


January 2021

Burlington, Vermont


A team consisting of Richard Adashkevich, Maria Diogenous, Erin Jia, and Annabeth Lin finished in 2nd place at the Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition 2021 held in Burlington, Vermont. Teams around the world competed for 16 spots in the final competition. Our students placed inside the top 20 and received the opportunity to compete in the final two rounds. The team competed in a week-long before advancing to the last round, a 48-hour case to solve problems faced by family businesses. 



NSCC (2nd)

Vancouver, BC

Jan 2021

Cindy, Lewis, Minyi, Serah

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RCCA Perspectives (1st)

Toronto, ON

Jan 2021

Harry, Julia, Martin, Tao

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UTBA (1st)

Toronto, Ontario

Jennifer, Michael, Minyi, Ryan

Feb 2021

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International Youth Leadership Finance Summit (3rd Prize)


Andy, Cindy, Ian, Maggie, Minyi, Omar

Feb 2021