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The Rotman Commerce Competition Team has done some amazing things! Here are some of our favourite articles and social media features that highlight the team's impressive achievements.

Erin Jia (BCom '21), Annabeth Lin (BCom '22), Maria Diogenous (BCom '23), and Richard Adashkevich (BCom '23) took home 2nd place in the University of Vermont's annual Schlesinger Global Family Enterprise Case Competition this past month. This unique opportunity provided participants with a chance to explore critical issues distinctive to family business. 🥈

The team combined their own creative problem-solving skills with applied classroom knowledge to develop solutions to complex family enterprise cases, whilst competing against undergraduate students from 15 different schools all over the world. Richard Adashkevich states that the team "found the competition as an opportunity to learn about both the technical side of the industry, as well as how family dynamics can really impact a business."


Last November, Wadee Shahid (BCom '22), Lewis L. (BCom '22), Andy (Wei Qi) Lin (BCom '22), Cindy Li (BCom '22), and Akshay Jain (BCom '23) took home 5th place in this year's CFI Financial Modelling Competition. Open to finance professionals and students worldwide, this prestigious competition put participants' technical skills to the ultimate test. 📊

The team of five were tasked with designing merger models to determine which of three companies Coca-Cola should acquire. Cindy Li believes that "our accomplishment is a testament to the generous mentorship we've received, as well as our own hard work, attention to detail, and problem-solving abilities under a short time frame."



Inspired by her passion to be well-informed on global issues and events, Serah George (BCom '23) encourages others to do the same through her podcast, The 411.

Serah and two other university students started The 411 "to educate both ourselves and others on globally pressing topics," and founded the podcast with the intention of self development. She's motivated by the notion that "success is never an end goal; it is a catalyst for future growth of yourself and your skills." When she's not studying international business or recording The 411, Serah serves as Head of Strategic Management for brew.



One of the most prestigious and competitive international scholarship programs, the Rhodes scholarship is awarded to a select number of outstanding students worldwide who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to service.

Congratulations to recent U of T graduate Jeffrey Fasegha (BCom ’20) on receiving a Rhodes scholarship to study at the University of Oxford next year.


Fasegha graduated last June with a Bachelor of Commerce in finance with minors in psychology and economics. At Oxford, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in African studies and public policy with a focus on the innovation economy.


Jamie and Judson are united by their passion to fight climate change. While studying at @RotmanCommerce, they received donor support and created an award-winning app to help tackle food waste, one of the biggest contributors to global warming. 


“I would love to see the world go in a good direction as quickly as possible,” says Judson Asiruwa. “Preferably in my lifetime!”

When the pair learned that household food waste is one of the biggest contributors to global warming, it was a lightbulb moment. “That means we can actually make an impact individually,” says Jamie.


A team of four Rotman Commerce students took home the grand prize at this year’s Creative Shock international social business case competition, organized by students at the ISM University of Management and Economics in Lithuania.


The preliminary rounds of the Creative Shock case competition began in October, when the team built a case for farmer’s insurance and developed a marketing campaign for a Lithuanian social enterprise focused on reducing textile waste. Placing in the top 10, they were then invited to Vilnius, Lithuania from November 26 to December 2 to solve two final cases.